Who We Are


The Elbert County Early Childhood Council (ECECC) is one of Colorado’s 31 Early Childhood Councils working to improve services to children and families. This work is guided by the Early Childhood Colorado Framework.

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The Elbert County Early Childhood Council (ECECC) is the early childhood council for Elbert County, serving children from birth to age eight and their families.

As an early childhood council, our role is to:

  • Build and support partnerships with community and agency organizations
  • Provide information to families to facilitate connection to services and supports
  • Build public awareness of early childhood services and issues
  • Promote and support high quality professional development and formal education for adults who work with young children
  • Strengthen and support community-based mental health services that identify and serve young children
  • Strengthen coordinated efforts to support the health and wellness of children

ECECC is made up of community of members from Elbert County: community agencies, health partners, school districts, higher education, child care professionals, and individuals who are interested in improving early childhood services. We invite you to join us!