iStock_000003302771Large.R1  Local Services:
Elizabeth Area Schools:
Kiowa Area Schools:
Elbert Area Schools:
Elbert County 4H Programs:
Elbert County Public Health:
Elbert County Health & Human Services:
Elbert County Public Libraries:

iStock_000015776994Large.R1  Child and Family Services:
Childcare Resource and Referral:
Childcare Resources for Parents, Community, and Providers.

Elbert County Coalition for Outreach:
A collaboration of private and public organizations and individuals who are committed
to serving the people of Elbert County.

Centennial Mental Health:
Offering comprehensive high quality mental health services to the Elbert
County community and North Eastern Colorado.

iStock_000033605980Large.R1  State Services:
Colorado Department of Health and Human Services:

Early Childhood Council Support:
Services for young children and their families and the professionals who serve them.

Colorado Department of Human Services:
State-supervised, county-administered system for the traditional social services
including programs such as public assistance and child welfare services.

Colorado Department of Education:

Elbert Counties NEW home visitation program: A FREE universal voluntary program that
offers parenting support, education, and connections to community resources.
For more information or a visit contact
To download a referral sheet go to the News and Events webpage. 
Nurse-Family Partnership is available in Elbert County: It’s a program for women who are
having their first baby. A registered nurse will visit you in your home throughout
pregnancy and continue to visit until your baby is 2 years old. For more information
contact Dawn James at (719) 346-7158

If you are tired of seeing your bright child struggle. If you are not convinced that your child is “lazy” or “not trying”. Call Karen Wehrman to schedule a free client friendly assessment (303) 243-3658. The assessment will determine if your child is having problems that predominately visual learners have. If so, the Davis Correction Methods can help. Call or email with questions (303) 243-3658, More Information: